Monthly category archive tabs wordpress plugin

  • Able to create tabs of months and year
  • Support custom post types
  • Easy to install by license key
  • Customise text and background color
  • Ajax based pagination loading
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March 19, 2019
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Uploading in wordPress admin dashboard

  • Navigate to the 'Add New' in the plugins dashboard.
  • Navigate to the 'Upload' area.
  • Select plugin zip file '' from your computer.
  • Click 'Install Now'.
  • Activate uploaded plugin from the Plugin dashboard. 

Using FTP to download and upload plugin

  • Download plugin zip file ''
  • Extract this zip file to your computer.
  • Upload the plugin folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory.
  • Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard.

Add license key (Pro Version Only)

  • Download the plugin zip file ''.
  • Upload to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin OR Extract this zip file '' and upload the plugin folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory as per above steps.
  • Activate the plugin in the Plugins dashboard.
  • Get the license key from your mail after the purchasing plugin.
  • Copy license key and past it into your site at Administrator > AVPTAB > License key.
  • Now click on activate button to use full functionality of the plugin.

Add block or shortcode into your pages/posts

  • Navigate to the 'AVPTAB' dashboard from left menu and click on 'Add New Shortcode'
  • Configure required settings and click on publish button.  
  • Now you can see shortcode in right area or in 'Shortcode' list screen. 
  • Copy shortcode to any page or post content/body area to view at fronted content bar.

Shortcode Fields Settings

Title Description Default Value Access
Maximum image height Set the height of image in pixel. eg. 200
Note: Do not add "px" after the number
200 Pro Version Only
Posts grid alignment Set the space/margin between posts items. eg. 10
Note: Do not add "px" after the number
Tabs date format Please select the date format of tabs. year  
Hide posted date Select "Yes" to hide posted date of posts. Default is "No" to display it. yes  
Tab background color Add color code or color name for the background of tabs. #ededed  
Hide search category dropdown? Select "Yes" to hide search category dropdown field. Default is "No" to display it. no  
Hide widget title Select "Yes" to hide widget heading. Default is "No" to display it. yes  
Hide post title? Select "Yes" to hide the post title. Default is "No" to display it. no  
Space/margin between posts Set the space/margin between posts items. eg. 15
Note: Do not add "px" after the number
Hide comments count Select "Yes" to hide comments count of the post. Default is "No" to display it. no  
Widget title text color Add color code or color name for widget heading title. #ffffff  
Enable RTL Select "Yes" to enable rtl support. Default is "No" to display it. no  
Category Please select the categories. all  
Posts loading effect on pagination Select posts loading effect or animation style like loads post grid from left, right, top and bottom none  
Hide empty categories Select "Yes" to hide empty categories. Default value is "No" to display it. no  
Select the post ordering type Change the post ordering/shorting like ascending, descending. ascending  
Hide ajax paging, load more or next-prev links Select "Yes" to hide ajax paging, load more or next-prev links. no  
Hide post image Select "Yes" to hide the post image. no  
Enable post count in tab Select "Yes" to enable post count with tabs. Default value is "No" as disabled. no  
Mouse hover effect Select an animation style for the mouse hover of posts item. ikh-image-style-0  
Short/order category name by Select "Ascending" or "Descending" shorting order of category name. Default is "Ascending" to display it. asc  
Default opened date tab Select date format to be opened as default tab. Default value is "None". all  
Pagination Type Select the ajax pagination type like load more option, next and previous links or simple numeric pagination. load_more_option Pro Version Only
Widget title background color Add color code or color name for the background of widget heading. #0073e0  
Widget Width Add width of widget in pixel or percentage. Default width is 100% 100%  
Templates Select the template for tab pane_style_1  
Maximum image and content block width Set the width of image and content block in pixel. eg. 200
Note: Do not add "px" after the number
200 Pro Version Only
Show "All" label tab Show/Hide "All" label tab that will display all posts. Default value is "Yes". yes  
Short content character length Add the length of short content if short content has enabled to view. Default content length is 100 40  
Title Please enter the widget/tab title. Rich Archive Posts Tabs  
Show author image and name Select "Yes" to show the image and name of posts author. no  
Post title text color Add color code or color name for post title name. #000  
Hide read more link Select "Yes" to hide read more link. Default value is "No" to display it. no  
Ordering/ shorting posts by Select the shorting/ordering field like post id, title or posted/created date. date  
Hide search textbox? Select "Yes" to hide search textbox field. Default is "No" to display it. no  
Post Types Select post type to load categories. post Pro Version Only
Hide post short content Select "Yes" to hide post short content. no  
Tab text color Add color code or color name for the text of tabs. #000  
Number of post to display Add the integer value to load default number of posts. 6 Pro Version Only
Category Types Select category type to load categories. category Pro Version Only


Monthly category archive tabs used to display old posts with month and year tab view. This pluign alows to create multiple widget and shortcode using advanced shortcode creation functionality.

Premium Features for Archive Post Tabs

  • Custom settings available to hide or show post title, posted date, animation over image, post image, pagination, post short content and read more link.
  • Allows to change the height and width of images.
  • There are three type of ajax based pagination available like load more posts, next previous posts and simple numeric pagination
  • Shortcodes Creation
  • Fully Responsive
  • Custom post types
  • 10+ responsive modern templates
  • 40+ beautiful animation mousehover effects
  • Supports woocommerce products
  • Supports list and grid view posts inside tab
  • Search text field
  • Show post count with month and year tabs
  • Hide posts of the certain categories
  • Hide/show empty categories
  • Shorting and ordering of the tab
  • Open default tab
  • Allows “All” label tab
  • Allows to change the space between posts items
  • Allows to hide/show author name and image
  • View comment count and posted date
  • Supports RTL 
  • Select tab format using year or month and year options
  • Supports widgets creation
  • Text and background settings  

Shortcode Fields Settings:

Key Title Default Value Access
tp_widget_width Widget Width 100%  
avptab_show_all_pane Show "All" label tab yes  
avptab_hide_post_short_content_length Short content character length 40  
hide_post_title Hide post title? no  
header_text_color Widget title text color #ffffff  
avptab_enable_rtl Enable RTL no  
post_type Post Types post Pro Version Only
avptab_image_height Maximum image height 200 Pro Version Only
category_id Category all  
avptab_shorting_posts_by Ordering/shorting posts by date  
avptab_hide_post_image Hide post image no  
avptab_posts_grid_alignment Posts grid alignment fit_to_sides  
avptab_space_margin_between_posts Space/margin between posts 15  
avptab_short_category_name_by Short/order category name by asc  
avptab_hide_comment_count Hide comments count no  
title_text_color Post title text color #000  
template Templates pane_style_1  
avptab_enable_post_count Enable post count in tab no  
avptab_mouse_hover_effect Mouse hover effect ikh-image-style-0  
avptab_hide_paging Hide ajax paging, load more or next-prev links no  
avptab_posts_loading_effect_on_pagination Posts loading effect on pagination none  
hide_categorybox Hide search category dropdown? no  
avptab_category_type Category Types category Pro Version Only
avptab_image_content_width Maximum image and content block width 200 Pro Version Only
avptab_show_author_image_and_name Show author image and name no  
panel_text_color Tab text color #000  
avptab_read_more_link Hide read more link no  
avptab_select_paging_type Pagination Type load_more_option Pro Version Only
avptab_hide_post_short_content Hide post short content no  
date_format Tabs date format year  
tab_background_color Tab background color #ededed  
avptab_post_ordering_type Select the post ordering type ascending  
avptab_hide_empty_category Hide empty categories no  
widget_title Title Rich Archive Posts Tabs  
avptab_default_date_open Default opened date tab all  
header_background_color Widget title background color #0073e0  
hide_searchbox Hide search textbox? no  
hide_widget_title Hide widget title yes  
number_of_post_display Number of post to display 6 Pro Version Only
avptab_hide_posted_date Hide posted date yes


Sample Shortcode:

[archivesposttab widget_title='Rich Archive Posts Tabs' date_format='year' number_of_post_display='6' title_text_color='#000' panel_text_color='#000' tab_background_color='#ededed' header_text_color='#ffffff' header_background_color='#0073e0' hide_widget_title='yes' hide_searchbox='no' hide_categorybox='no' hide_post_title='no' template='pane_style_1' avptab_category_type='category' tp_widget_width='100%' post_type='post' avptab_short_category_name_by='asc' avptab_enable_rtl='no' avptab_enable_post_count='no' avptab_hide_empty_category='no' avptab_show_all_pane='yes' avptab_default_date_open='all' avptab_hide_comment_count='no' avptab_hide_posted_date='yes' avptab_hide_paging='no' avptab_hide_post_image='no' avptab_hide_post_short_content='no' avptab_select_paging_type='load_more_option' avptab_hide_post_short_content_length='40' avptab_read_more_link='no' avptab_image_content_width='200' avptab_image_height='200' avptab_shorting_posts_by='date' avptab_post_ordering_type='ascending' avptab_space_margin_between_posts='15' avptab_posts_grid_alignment='fit_to_sides' avptab_posts_loading_effect_on_pagination='none' avptab_mouse_hover_effect='ikh-image-style-0' avptab_show_author_image_and_name='no' ]

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